From the birth to the glorious days of the Niavaran store 

The beginning of the Niavaran leather store

Niavaran is a nice tale about the capability and courage of an Iranian lady named Nahid Zeraati, which started in 2010. At the age of 20 and at the same time as the birth of her child, a business plan flashed through Mrs. Zeraati’s mind. Despite the fact that the path seemed to be very difficult, the flame of demand burning in her soul was thirsty for creating another creature as well. Niavaran, thus, was born as well as her beautiful child, and they were raised in her capable hands. Today, Mrs. Zeraati guides both her children on the growth path and is the honor of all female entrepreneurs.

Accordingly, Mrs. Zeraati and the team she created took step by step towards improvement and development as time went by. At the beginning, the production volume was very limited, and the products were sold in person at stores. But now, after 12 years, Niavaran has become the largest collection of handmade leather products in Iran. Niavaran Leather currently has two active branches in Mashhad, and this organization has been proudly recognized as an exemplary entrepreneur in the year 2022.

Achievements and honors of Niavaran Leather

1.Worldwide exports

By promoting the production facilities and the team expertise, Niavaran exports its leather products to different parts of the world, which shows this brand’s international display.

2. Producing a large number of high-quality circulation

with advanced production facilities and an expert team, Niavaran produces a large number of highquality leather products.

3. Personalization of products

One of Niavaran’s unique features is the possibility of personalizing leather products by choosing the design, color, and customer’s desired details.

4. The largest producer of handmade leather in Iran

Niavaran is proudly recognized under the name of Iran’s largest handmade leather producer, which is due to it’s high quality and commitment to international standards.

5. Attending seminars and winning awards

Participating in seminars and winning the title of best entrepreneur of 2022 and the Star of Time awards are a sign of credibility and social cognition.

6. International exhibitions

Attending international exhibitions in Serbia, Armenia, Iraq, and Kazakhstan is a sign of international development.

7. Developing workshops and increasing employment

Niavaran has contributed a lot to job creation and economic development in the country by expanding production workshops and increasing the number of employees.

8. Cooperating with the media and providing inimitable quality

Cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting and providing high-paced production and exceptional quality is a sign of the influence of this brand in the media field.

9. Exclusive product design

The variety of more than 80 products in the Niavaran brand has provided options for many customers.

10. Merging Iranian art with the leather industry

By combining Iranian art with the leather industry, Niavaran offers customers a unique experience and produces products with art.

11. Producing special products

Producing exceptional products such as travel luggage with more than 6000 hand stitches is another sign of Niavaran’s innovation and creativity.

12. Job creation on the outskirts of the city

Employment for more than 500 head of household women in the suburbs of Mashhad is another social and economic achievement of this brand.

Eventually, the Niavaran collection’s glorious glance

Nahid Zeraati and his team at Niavaran Collection’s, have now become the largest producer
collection of handmade leather products in Iran.